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LaSalle Engineerings performance philosophy is based on the following principles:
Understanding our clients problems, goals, and expectations.
Developing solutions that achieve these goals in a cost-effective way.
Creating an atmosphere of cooperation and respect with all team members.
Focusing on practicality, maintainability, and reliability of systems and solutions.
Recognizing the unique roles individuals play in fire and life safety solutions.
Integrating engineering principles into a largely code-driven field of practice.
Although these principles may seem obvious, their successful implementation requires technical excellence, effective communication, respect for all viewpoints, and a desire to create a safer community.
LaSalle Engineering, LLC advocates a holistic approach to building fire safety based on engineering and systems-oriented principles. We believe in solving fire protection problems through the application of state-of-the-art fire engineering knowledge and technologies, education, and with a cooperative approach that recognizes the unique contributions of all stakeholders.
We recognize that code compliance is important, but codes address neither the specific needs of building owners nor unique building designs. Appropriate, cost-effective building fire safety depends on an understanding of goals, the reliability and maintainability of the systems, and the roles of people in fire safety practice.
Areas of Expertise:
Fire Safety Strategic Planning
Code Consulting
Fire Suppression Systems Analysis & Design
Fire Hazard Assessment/ Risk Management
Fire Alarm Systems Analysis & Design
Construction Administration
Smoke Control System Analysis & Design
Hydraulic Modeling & Water Supply Analysis
Life Safety Analysis & Design
Project Management
Fire Investigation
Litigation Support
Fire Modeling
Fire Safety Inspections/Audits