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Syska Hennessy Group is a national leader in consulting, engineering, technology and commissioning services for clients worldwide. Using a high performance approach, combined with a global portfolio of project experience, we are able to help drive your business' success in a challenging economy. With a staff of over 500 located in 16 locations around the world, we provide a local presence and regional knowledge.

At Syska Hennessy Group, we integrate consulting, engineering and technology services to provide our clients with innovative solutions to their increasingly complex needs. By proactively addressing project-wide issues early in the design process, our services transcend a "scope-of-service" response to help create opportunities to reduce construction costs and expedite project completion for our clients. Our approach transcends traditional MEP (including fire alarm and controls) design to encompass specialty services such as sustainable design, energy conservation and on-site generation, central utilities, master planning and design, architectural lighting, and site engineering. We also provide integrated, in-house resources in IT systems, facilities management, and vertical transportation design.

Our specialized focus on select market sectors and industries cultivates the technical depth, intelligence and experience that deliver key advantages to you. We design technical facilities. It is by living within these facilities that we are able to bring a broad platform of integrated solutions and the proven best practices from all of our disciplines to a project. Our technology and design expertise makes us better partners for you: able to predict, prevent and correct problems across the full life cycle of a facility.