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US Life Safety, Inc. is dedicated to helping owners, managers or administrators of schools, high-rise and commercial buildings better protect the lives of building occupants by providing the best emergency management tools available so all involved may be better prepared in any emergency.

One way we achieve this goal is by providing building owners, their tenants, and occupants, with the best possible: (1) Emergency Procedures, (2) Evacuation Information, (3) Fire Prevention, and (4) Pertinent Training Materials.

The success of our [this] approach is due to supplying our clients with:

1. Life-CountsĀ® Our exclusively designed secure web-based emergency management tool that allows general workplace safety plans, emergency preparedness plans, or disaster recovery/contingency plans to be posted, tested and printed by all users.

2. Custom Video and Streaming Video, DVD, Databases, Web Sites and Written Occupant and Emergency Response Team training that are site-specific.

3. Information consistency and minimizing training time which reduces costs to building management.

4. Intent to reduce owner's risk by reducing personal injury.