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Peripheral Manufacturing is a 28 year old firm that serves the computer, server room environment, and related industries, with a number of 21st Century products that meet and exceed
industry requirements. Peripherals serves a worldwide market either directly or through factory trained representatives. Peripherals new and innovative products include Portable Air Conditioners, Fire Suppression Systems, degaussers, Recycling, Hard Drive Shredders, and CD/DVD Shredders and those products that compliment and enhance our main product line.

Peripherals portable air conditioner, over 12 different models and BTU capacity, have the best warranty on the market with free delivery. Peripherals air conditioners can communicate a temperature rise remotely so immediate action can take place. Peripherals PER-12000A is the most modern and unique 12000 BTU air conditioner made today.

Aero-K Fire Suppression System is an Aerosol based waterless dry system that is environmentally friendly, made for computer rooms, server rooms, and lockouts. Peripherals can custom design a system quickly, is less expensive than other systems, and can be removed and reinstalled if you move. Aero-K can be enlarged or made smaller quickly and efficiently to keep pace with your requirements.

Peripherals focus on the computer and server room include sales and services that assist firms meeting compliance issues for discarding all types of magnetic computer tape media, hard drives, CD/DVDs and other stored media. Peripherals rents a variety of degaussers for onsite use as well as in our Denver, Co facility.

For firms that need Duplication and Data Conversion Peripherals can assist in providing quick and efficient service. Call for quotes on this and all your media and server rack needs.