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Protecting your business from loss is one of the most significant challenges you face. It takes insightful, objective guidance from experienced professional engineers and consultants. HSB Professional Loss Control offers effective solutions to clients seeking knowledgeable, third-party property loss control services. The recommendations we provide not only reduce risk, they also provide cost-effective alternatives, meet risk management goals and satisfy code requirements. Our technical consultants rely on published National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards, and other industry recognized standards as the basis for identifying fire hazards and protection features. HSB PLC has been an active participant in the development of NFPA standards, which are generally recognized as basic practices for establishing appropriate fire protection. Averaging more than 25 years of field experience, HSB PLC brings the value of seasoned, expert consultants to property loss control services.

The services HSB PLC provides includes:
− Property loss control surveys (including HPR)
− Builder's risk surveys
− Review of fire protection equipment inspection and testing programs
− Water supply adequacy and reliability analysis
− Fire suppression system analysis, equipment tests and commissioning
− Loss estimate evaluations addressing property and business interruption
− New project consultation including fire protection system specifications and plan review
− Training seminars on fire protection for power plants (nuclear and conventional)
− Life safety surveys and fire code compliance surveys
− Account engineering
− Review of administrative fire prevention programs
− Loss control guideline development
− Searchable web-based systems to meet client needs for property loss control information