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As one of the oldest manufacturers of fire hose in the industry; NIEDNER has been supplying top quality merchandise for over 124 years. With our vast experience, manufacturing expertise, engineering knowledge, quality control and strong sales force; Niedner assures you a top performing product.

Niedner is committed to procuring all raw materials from North American suppliers. In doing so, we not only maintain the highest level of quality control & workmanship in our finished products, but also ensure the future employment of both American & Canadian workers in this industry and its related supply chain.

XL-800™ is Niedner's most popular attack & high-rise pack hose. This Thermo-Polyurethane (TPU)
lined hose has a 400 PSIG (2800 kPa) service test pressure, is easily handled and packs tightly for everyday attack firefighting. Available in sizes 1 ½" thru 3" in colors of White, Green, Red, Orange, Blue, Beige-Tan, Purple and Yellow. This hose is a/so available with an Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) rubber lining, as RXL-800™

ULTRA 2000™ is the upgraded version of XL-800™ . Built for ruggedness while remaining lightweight and compact, ULTRA 2000™ is TPU lined and has an outer jacket with more yarn and tighter weave giving it a higher abrasion resistance and long wearing characteristics. Testing results are a minimum of 30,000 cycles on the FM Abrasion machine and 12,000 cycles on the Taber machine. This product is available in sizes of 1 ½" thru 2 ½" in colors of White, Green, Red, Orange, Blue, Beige-Tan, Purple and Yellow. Also available with an EPDM rubber lining as ULTRA FORCE 2000™

SUPPL YLINE™ is the large diameter hose (LOH) fire departments love. A 100% polyester double jacket, TPU lined lightweight supply hose with a service test pressure of 300 PSIG that packs approximately 30 percent more hose in a truck hose bed than the traditional rubber hose. The higher Service Test Pressure of NIEDNER SUPPLYLINE allows it to be used as supply, relay and attack hose. Available in sizes of 4", 5" and 6" in colors of White, Green, Red, Orange, Blue, Beige-Tan, Purple and Yellow.

DEL TA HYDRO HOSE TESTERS are the lightest and safest in the industry. All models are equipped with a stainless-steel manifold and heavy-duty cart. Our unique, fully automatic aluminum check valve system outlets reduce labor and increase safety.
Niedner offers many other products as well. For more information and a visual of these products, we invite you to visit our web site For any questions or for your distributor's contact information, please contact Niedner's customer service either by phone at 800 567 2703 or by e-mail at

675, rue Merrill St.
Coaticook QC J1A 2S2
T.: 819.849.2751