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As the world's leading one-stop source for industry's process safety and optimization needs, the Chilworth Global has international consulting bases and laboratory testing facilities with state of the art dust explosion and electrostatic laboratories (with low humidity facility), and a specialist laboratory for the evaluation of thermal runaway reactions.

Chilworth employs a Doctorate Engineering and Scientific staff along with Graduate Engineers, Scientists and Technicians. Our senior consultants are internationally recognized experts in their specialist fields, and many have served on national and international standards committees.

With laboratories and offices in both the Princeton Corporate Plaza (NJ, USA) and the Chilworth Science Park (Southampton, England), our facilities are equipped with fire/explosion hazard evaluation laboratories and a well equipped engineering workshop and instrument fabrication site. Chilworth's specialist test apparatus includes:

* Fire/Explosion Laboratory: 20L sphere, minimum ignition temperature ovens, auto-flammability cells, and adiabatic storage test equipment.
* Chemical Reaction Laboratory: Mettler Toledo RC1 Reaction Calorimeter, Adiabatic Dewar Calorimeter, Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Accelerated Rate Calorimeter and Carius Tube
* Electrostatics Laboratory: powder resistivity, liquid conductivity, charge decay time and powder chargeability equipment.
* Research and Development Laboratory: wide range of analytical and diagnostic equipment.

The client base of Chilworth Global covers more than 20 countries, and includes manufacturing companies in the fine chemicals/pharmaceuticals, bulk organics, food stuffs, paints, resins/plastics, dyestuffs, pigments, agrochemicals, soaps/detergents, oil/petrochemicals, and the legal and insurance fields.