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As a veteran owned business, Petrogen takes great pleasure in manufacturing, assembling and testing its tools in the USA.

Petrogen manufactures cutting torch systems which use everyday liquid fuels like gasoline, diesel, and kerosene. These liquid fuels, in conjunction with the wide variety of Petrogen system packages, provide operators with the opportunity to reduce operational safety hazards, take advantage of greater performance capabilities, and reduce operational costs.

Petrogen cutting torch packages are comprised of both specifically engineered components for liquid fuels and components which you would find with senior oxyfuel systems (eg. oxygen hose, oxygen regulator), both of which are made in the United States. Each system package is different, with some packages offering a more robust option than others, and some which are designed more for specific cutting operations. Though all packages provide the essentials for liquid fuel cutting.

Petrogen cutting torches have been around since 1973 and have become the preferred cutting torch technology for entities such as the Defense Logistics Agency, FEMA, and the US Department of Energy, as well as fire/rescue and a variety of commercial enterprises.

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Portable Cutting System

Portable Cutting System

The Portable Cutting System (PCS) (Part #6000) is a hand-carried Petrogen system that provides operators with all the components necessary to conduct shortened hot cutting operations. The system comes with a filler pigtail, which allows operators to trans-fill the included 23 cubic foot oxygen bottle from a larger oxygen supply. A medical yoke adapter used to connect a CGA 540 oxygen regulator to a CGA 870 valve. A carry case with torch and Heavy Duty Igniter bracket and removable aluminum spacer to accommodate torches with a Multi-Fuel Adapter attached. read more